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 free2bu counselling.

Hi there, I'm Karen Reed, a qualified counsellor & founder of free2bu counselling

For many years I've had a curiosity for the human mind, what makes people who they are?  We're all unique, but in common we have  our brains sustaining our existence & survival, yet also having an enormous potential to cause havoc; becoming our worst enemy, harshest critic, playing the cruellest tricks that can cause impaired mental health.

I'm here to support individuals who have gone through, or are  going through a variety of difficult & distressing experiences, including anxiety, stress, loss & bereavement, low mood, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, grief & trauma.

If you think or feel like you're struggling, anxious, perhaps just not feeling yourself these days, exploring personal areas of worry & upset, can be hugely beneficial & liberating.  Working together, in a confidential, non judgmental, & respectful space; sensitively, & compassionately, at your pace, I aim to support & encourage you to find calmness & restore a sense of wellness.

I've completed rigorous formal training, but truly believe that sometimes the most valuable learning & compassion comes from life itself. I'm human & I hope you experience a sense of that.

I belong to BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), the association has stringent membership criteria & ethical codes to which I adhere. Alongside my private practice, I am an affiliate counsellor with Health Assured . I was also a counsellor for West Sussex Carers Support for over 2 years, until May 2023 & I worked as an Associate Therapist for 6 months with Fortis Therapy & Training. 

If you think you might like me to join you & support you on your journey back to wellness, please do contact me. 

Here's my hand, ready to accompany & steady you on your journey of understanding, healing, & restoration, empowering you to live your best life, with confidence, contentment & fulfilment, a life where you are  free2bu.